Seekret’s leading API observability platform provides a look under the hood into an application’s behavior through continuous auto-discovery and mapping of APIs from traffic.

  • Automatically centralize your public and private APIs into a single API model to explore and analyze with ease.
  • Track API changes, compare API inventories and analyze application behavior from a single, centralized dashboard.
  • Pinpoint weaknesses in your APIs and prevent failures by catching breaking changes and inferring their impact on application behavior.
  • Detect, review, and collaborate on API changes as part of your GitOps and CI workflows to iterate quickly.
  • Automate the testing process for all your APIs and automatically generate API documentation to save valuable developer time.

Getting Started

There are 2 options to start with Seekret:

  1. Locally, using our CLI to manually create an API Inventory from traffic
  2. Deploy our sniffer in your environment to continuously auto-discover and map your API Inventory from traffic


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Quick Start

To get a quick glance of what Seekret can do, we invite you to try out our quick start tutorials set. This will give you a glimpse into Seekret's capabilities directly on your personal laptop by utilizing our CLI.

Follow these three simple steps to get your first API Inventory:

  1. Install Seekret CLI
  2. Capture traffic and upload it to Seekret
  3. Observe API Inventory!

And that's it!

Continuous Observability

The true power of Seekret lies in continuous traffic analysis, and for that we encourage you to use our server-side deployment by integrating our Seekret sniffer into your environment.

Our Seekret sniffer is powered by eBPF technology and promotes seamless deployment (no instrumentation or any source code changes!) on any linux-based environment within few minutes.

Don't be shy and try our Seekret sniffer now!

Next Steps

Install the Seekret CLI for local experiments or go straight and deploying the Seekret sniffer within your application environment to get continuous API observability.

Want to keep reading? Check out Why Seekret to get more information about our platform and how it will help your productivity.

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